Optimizing YouTube channel with Graphics and keywords

Optimizing YouTube channel

Using graphics, keywords, descriptions, country of origin, and other crucial details, we’ll look at various strategies for optimizing YouTube channel in this article. By executing these methods, you can upgrade the permeability and reach of your channel, draw in additional watchers, and increase engagement with your content.

1. Customizing YouTube channel

Let’s discuss the two main things for customizing YouTube channel.

  • Customize channel option: Firstly when you login into our YouTube creator Studio you can easily see customize channel option which can easily you can see when you log in to your YouTube channel second method is that go to your dashboard and click on customization so you can easily customize your channel. However, both things are the same but I am telling you both methods.
  • Exploring creator studio: Inside the Creator Studio, you’ll find different choices and features, for example, analytics, comments, subtitles, copyright, monetization, customization, and more. Let’s concentrate on how to use graphics and keywords to optimize your channel.

2. Graphics and Keywords

Now we will be going to discuss where we can add graphics and keywords in our channel.

  • Video Spotlight: You can show a channel trailer to non-subscribers in your channel’s “Video Spotlight” section. You have the choice to customize and change this video to make it more interesting to possible subscribers.
  • Featured video: The “Featured Video” section is designed for returning subscribers. Depending on your preferences you can modify or remove the featured video section.
  • Featured section: The “Featured section” shows playlists that are famous on your channel. In the event that you don’t believe this part should be noticeable you can remove it as well.

  • Short videos: There is a dedicated section for short videos on your channel. In the event that you don’t believe this segment should be shown you have the choice to eliminate it.
  • Branding options: You can change your channel’s cover and profile picture in the “Branding Options” tab. A distinctive and visually appealing brand identity is essential.
  • Video watermark: If you want watermark will appear on your videos so you can use this option. According to my opinion, it sounds obnoxious, it looked weird that a watermark will appear in your video. The best practice is while video editing you can place your logo on video.
  • Basic info tab: You can provide essential information about your channel in the “Basic Info” tab. Include keywords that accurately represent the niche of your channel. Additionally, if you want to find any grammatical errors in your content, installing the Grammarly widget on your Chrome browser can be helpful.
  • Channel description: The description of your channel ought to be engaging and concise. It’s vital to include relevant keywords, yet try not to overstuff them. In the channel info section, you can also include a link to your playlist, making it easier for viewers to find and enjoy your content series.
  • Channel URL and social media integration: Customizing your channel URL to match your channel name is suggested for the purpose of branding purpose. On the cover photo of your YouTube channel, you’ll social icons on the right side. linking your social media accounts is essential for expanding your online visibility and extending your reach.

3. Keyword research tools for YouTube

There are several keyword research tools available that can help you find relevant and popular keywords for YouTube. Here are some commonly used tools:

Keyword research tools for YouTubes

  • YouTube Search Suggestions: When you start typing a keyword or phrase in the YouTube search bar, it automatically suggests popular search queries related to your input. These suggestions can give you insights into what people are searching for on YouTube.
  • YouTube Keyword Tool (part of Google Ads): This tool provides keyword ideas specifically tailored for YouTube. You can enter a seed keyword, and it will generate related keywords along with metrics such as search volume and competition. Although primarily designed for advertising purposes, it can be useful for YouTube keyword research as well.
  • VidIQ: VidIQ is a popular YouTube optimization tool that includes a keyword research feature. It provides keyword suggestions, search volume data, and competition analysis for YouTube. Additionally, it offers insights into the performance of keywords on competitor videos.
  • TubeBuddy: TubeBuddy is another comprehensive YouTube optimization tool that offers a keyword explorer feature. It provides keyword suggestions, search volume, competition analysis, and historical data for YouTube keywords. It also offers additional features such as tag suggestions and keyword rankings.
  • Google Trends: While not specific to YouTube, Google Trends can provide valuable insights into keyword popularity and trends over time. You can explore keyword trends related to specific topics or compare multiple keywords to identify their relative search interest.

These tools can help you discover relevant keywords for your YouTube content, optimize your video titles, descriptions, and tags, and improve your video’s visibility in search results. It’s recommended to combine multiple tools and techniques to conduct comprehensive keyword research for your YouTube channel.

4. SEO optimization

Optimizing your channel for search engines is equally important.

  • Settings: Several steps need to be taken: Now go to settings and a pop-up will open will your pop-up option is not appearing so make sure must remove the pop-up blocker from your computer. In the general settings, select your preferred currency, and in the channel settings, choose your country.
  • Keywords: Utilize the “Keywords” option to add relevant keywords that align with your content’s theme and audience’s interests.
  • Uploading defaults: You can set default settings for your video titles, descriptions, and tags using the “Uploading Defaults” feature. However, remember that these defaults should be customized for each video to maximize their individual impact.
  • Permission, community, and agreements: Lastly, review the options related to permissions, community guidelines, and agreements. Ensure that you have configured these settings appropriately for your channel.


By optimizing your YouTube channel with graphics and keywords, you can significantly improve its visibility, attract more viewers, and engage with your audience effectively. Take advantage of customization options, incorporate appealing visuals, utilize relevant keywords, and optimize your channel settings to enhance your overall YouTube presence.