How to File Dispute on Upwork?

Upwork dispute resolution process

In this video, we will discuss, If your client is cranky and you are unable to handle him then how you will file your complaint and the use of Upwork dispute resolution process.

Follow these 4 steps:


communicate with him on the message board. Because whenever you’ll involve Upwork and will tell them that in Email, WhatsApp etc we have talked about this and that, Upwork will ban your profile at once. And will return the escrow money to the client. So make sure to stay on Upwork.


Upwork dispute assistance program works as a mediator for both parties.


It’s part of the dispute process that’s available on fixed-price contracts if a freelancer and client are unable to reach an agreement through the Upwork dispute or mediation assistance program.

Upwork dispute resolution process


It’s a high authority if your problem is still in progress then they will handle the issue.

In order to get rid of all these things kindly confirm everything before starting the contract. Communicate professionally. It will save you a lot of time as time is money. If you can take someone’s time you’ve taken everything. So save your time. The burden of proof lies on the shoulder of freelancers.