Populating LinkedIn Timeline

Populating LinkedIn Timeline:

This is the Second series of LinkedIn. You will create your profile on LinkedIn and tell your services there. You can write articles as well on LinkedIn. Remember the best way of doing business is to educate people. Because LinkedIn is establishing your branding.

How to be the subject matter expert on LinkedIn?

Education is one of the most important ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Share your insight and experiences inside your specialty. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer by trade, you might be able to offer advice on color schemes, typography, or visual storytelling. Also, if you’re good at coding, you can teach others how to code, troubleshoot problems, or use new technologies. By reliably teaching your crowd, you set up a good foundation for yourself as a sound power, and individuals will see you as a confided in proficient in your field.


So, for example, when you tell people that in graphic designing you use this type of color palette and choose these colors, and in coding the structure should be like this and follow the best practices. So, when you educate people, you’re being a subject matter expert by yourself, and people start thinking you, are credible by the passage of time.

So, add articles on LinkedIn, add videos there. But remember don’t upload the LinkedIn videos directly there, first, you should make a video format of YouTube. I will tell you this in detail. But first, we are discussing the importance of an optimized LinkedIn profile.

The importance of hashtags and populated LinkedIn profiles:


First, the use of proper hashtags is necessary to discuss the use of appropriate hashtags. LinkedIn recommends using relevant hashtags such as #logodesign and #graphicdesign. Additionally, it is recommended to comment on other posts to increase visibility.

When people view your comment and click on your profile, they should see a well-optimized profile that is related to your skill set. Therefore, start creating your profile, comment on the related content, populate it with videos, pictures, and articles, and optimize it accordingly.