How to Set up a Payment method on

Setting up a Payment method on

When it comes to working on, having a reliable and convenient payment method is essential. offers several options for freelancers to receive their hard-earned money, with Payoneer and direct bank transfer being the most commonly used methods in Pakistan

In this video, I will talk about payment methods on There are different payment methods in Pakistan, Payoneer & direct bank transfer.

  • You can sign up in Payoneer and get a card
  • Direct bank transfer by opening a bank account


Payoneer is a well-known payment platform that lets freelancers get paid by clients all over the world. It is a popular choice among Pakistani freelancers because it provides a secure and convenient means of fund transfer. With Payoneer, you can undoubtedly pull out your income through neighborhood bank moves or ATMs.

Payment method on

Direct Bank transfer:

This strategy includes connecting your ledger straightforwardly to your profile. It gives a direct method for accepting your installments. By setting up direct bank moves, you can have your profit kept straightforwardly in your ledger, killing the requirement for a middle-person stage.

You need 5 things to open a bank account:

  • Bank account number
  • Title of bank account
  • IBAN number
  • Swift code
  • Bank address

You can withdraw your payment easily through a bank account but you can only withdraw if your account has a minimum 25$. You cannot withdraw less than 25$.

You can also use Jazz Cash to withdraw your payment through Payoneer. Sign up in Jazzcash and instantly withdraw your payment from to Payoneer & Payoneer to Jazzcash. Then withdraw your payment by using your Jazz Cash card at any ATM.


For freelancers in Pakistan, setting up a payment method on is essential for quickly receiving their earnings. Freelancers can access their funds in a variety of ways by choosing between Payoneer and direct bank transfers. Furthermore, the combination of Jazz Money gives an elective withdrawal choice, adding adaptability and comfort to the cycle.