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Freelancer Bidding

In this video, I will discuss how to bid on projects. Freelancer bidding on projects is a crucial aspect of business growth and opportunity. It allows individuals and companies to showcase their expertise, competitive pricing, and unique value propositions. Through strategic bidding, professionals can secure projects, build relationships, and expand their professional network, ultimately driving success and profitability

How to bid on a project

What is online bidding?

Here we are going to discuss what is online bidding?

online Bidding is the process of submitting a proposal to offer goods or services for a project, job, or contract. Submitting a proposal to offer your goods or services for a specific project, job, or contract is called “bidding on a project.” While offering a task, it’s critical to make a convincing recommendation that features your abilities, experience, and worth to the client. As bidding on project is a important part of getting freelance clients.

How to bid on a project?

Here we are going to discuss how to bid on a project?

  • In traditional freelance marketplaces like,, and a client came and places a project and you have to bid on this project.
  • When you bid on a project and write a proposal that why he should select you then you will tell him about your quality, skill set, and your strength.

Elements of a Proposal:

While writing a proposal 2 elements should be kept in mind;

Determine your pricing:

Consider the time and effort it will take you to complete the project and determine a fair price for your services. Consider research, planning, execution, revisions, and any required additional services or materials. Evaluate the worth you will give to the client and set a fair and cutthroat cost for your administrations. Provide a breakdown of the costs involved and a clear explanation of the pricing structure, including whether it is an hourly rate, a fixed fee, or a combination of the two.


A timeline refers to the planned schedule or timeline for completing various tasks or deliverables for the project. The anticipated timetable for completing various project deliverables or tasks is outlined in a timeline. It demonstrates your ability to meet deadlines and knowledge of project management. Separate the venture into stages or achievements, indicating the assessed time expected for each. Take into account any dependencies or potential bottlenecks that could slow down the process and act quickly to resolve them. The client has a clear idea of when they can expect progress updates and final delivery when there is a clearly defined timeline.