Why feedback and reviews are important on Upwork?

The importance of feedback and reviews on Upwork

In this video, we will talk about the importance of feedback and reviews on Upwork.

  • When a client has a first impression of your freelance profile we will see your title, description portfolio, and much more but with these, he can also see your previously satisfied client feedback.
  • On Upwork when you do good work the client will give you feedback as well. You can’t say firstly to the client to give feedback so you will give first feedback to your client. When you give good feedback to your client and he is also satisfied with your work he will definitely return the favor by giving 5-star feedback.
  • So regardless of the bad experience you have with the client give 5-star feedback to the client. It’s my experience that when you will give good feedback to the client he will also give you good feedback When you first give a good review write an amazing great employee what professionalism.
  • We were so clear that I would definitely say that every freelancer must have a client like him. The client will also try to give you good feedback because of the nice reviews you give to them.
  • So my experience is that always try to take the first initiative in giving feedback on Upwork and give a 5-star rating on the bad experience with the client., The client will give reciprocal favors, and it’s very important as well.

Upwork feedback

  • It is important because it can affect your profile just imagine 5,6 happy clients with 5-star feedback on Upwork when a new client or buyer comes to your profile the buyer will be happy that you are a hard worker, not even a single negative feedback, but the freelancer has to good at pricing and skillset must be good in communication skill must be good in business development have nice ethics this will, satisfy your client.